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Standard Rates

School Year (August – May)

  • Shared Room: $2,576

  • Private Room: $3,424

Parking Pass

  • Private Parking Pass: $100, you receive a pass for an individual spot for the school year

  • Shared Parking Pass: $75, two people share one spot, double parking when both are there

Payment Options

  • Nine monthly payments: July 1 – March 1 ($287 for shared, $381 for private) – No Discount

  • Four Payments: July 1, August 1, October 1, November 1 ($644 for shared, $841 for private)

    Discount: Save $15 off each payment if made on or before the 1st for a total of $60 savings

  • One Payment: Due July 1 ($2,576 for shared, $3,424 for private)

    Discount: Save $100 if paid by or on July 1

Summer 2018 Rates

Private rooms only are available for rent during the summer months. The student rate for summer is $399/month

See Summer Citizens page for details and pricing for non-students